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Hands On Care

Personalized and professional care to meet your needs.


Specialized and caring staff.

One on One Treatment

Evidence based driven care to assist you.

Health and Wellness

Goal driven treatment to maintain and improve your quality of life.

Our Philosophy 

At Valley Performance Physical Therapy we strive to provide the Central Valley with exceptional care and high quality outpatient physical therapy services. We will work with you in your road to recovery to assist in reducing your pain and improving the way you feel and move.

Our Story 

Founded in the Spring of 2020, VPPT was born to provide and create an environment where the patient is put as the number one priority. We are here to provide quality one on one care, evidence based treatment  and to assist in providing you with the quality of life that you deserve.



Get back to your active life with help from our orthopedic physical therapists.


Cupping therapy: A natural way to relieve pain and improve circulation.

Evidence Based Exercise

Evidence-based exercise (EBE) is a type of exercise that is based on scientific evidence.

Pelvic Floor

Women’s Health, Postpartum, Diastasis Recti and all other Pelvic Health  Therapy concerns.

Vital Stim

A specialized Speech Therapy approach  stimulating inactive swallowing muscles.

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